Novum Tools

The Novum Institute is building software tools and systems to advance knowledge and sustain innovation:


The Innovation Support System is designed to find new innovators and ideas, analyze those ideas, compare those ideas to historical and current innovations, research markets and other critical research, strategically plan and produce business plans, create organizational foundations, construct team systems, develop products / services, manufacture / produce products / services, market, sell, support customers.... in short, a total support system for innovators and innovations from ideas to implementation:


  • An Innovation Search Engine.
  • An Innovation Web Portal.

  • An Innovation Social Networking Engine, a user-centric system with the ability to adapt to each of the popular social networking platforms.

  • The Innovation Rating System measures all the factors contributing to innovation and creates an Innovation Index for companies and countries to improve their abilities to achieve innovation.

  • A Knowledge Organization System that identifies the leading edges of knowledge.