About Novum

The Novum Institute is a non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of knowledge and innovation.

Headquartered in Colorado and with a worldwide expansion program, the Institute operates as a private innovation support, education, and research organization, providing an environment in which people from all backgrounds can learn how knowledge and innovation is the fundamental building block of society’s growth throughout history, and how knowledge and innovation can be understood, developed, and applied throughout all organizations.

Providing tools and support to make new knowledge and innovation become reality, the Institute is an organization designed to serve creative people creatively, with vision, and with reality.

The Institute is developing and implementing efficient systems to find, analyze and support new ideas and innovators.

The Institute helps innovators and organizations identify, develop and implement those new ideas.

The Institute is building and sponsoring a support infrastructure to access people and organizations around the world to arrange appropriate charitable and other support, including funding, for the neediest and most deserving of people advancing knowledge and innovation

The Institute fosters and showcases new innovation for growth-minded organizations thinking today about tomorrow.

The Institute benchmarks and models best practices of organizations and countries most successful in knowledge and innovation creation and implementation.

The Institute is developing seminars and conferences, and a variety of print and online publications, devoted to the understanding and expansion of knowledge and innovation. For instance, the Institute will develop and publish the Novum Innovation Report, a comprehensive annual assessment of innovation, rating countries and leading companies worldwide.

The Institute develops and sponsors educational programs interactive with a consortium of leading educational organizations which support research and understanding of knowledge and innovation. The Institute’s educational programs are designed to improve the quality of knowledge and innovation, to maximize the value and use of knowledge and innovation creation and utilization methods, and to raise awareness of knowledge and innovation worldwide.

The Institute is developing a comprehensive and lasting understanding about the advancement and use of knowledge and innovation to build strong futures for humanity.