The Novum Institute Innovation Incubator

The Novum Institute Innovation Incubator supports innovators who are advancing the leading edge of innovation. The Innovation Incubator is especially designed for early-stage innovators to help them bring their innovations from idea to implementation.

Innovation Incubator Program is adapted to the particular needs of the innovation and innovators and can include:

  • New Company and New Idea Incubation
  • Leadership Support
  • Product Development Support
  • Financial Engineering
  • Mentoring and Advice
  • Strategic Planning
  • Intellectual Property Protection Education
  • Design and Writing
  • Equipment and Facilities
  • Books and Publication Subscriptions
  • Business Plan Development
  • Corporate Governance Advisory
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Team Augmentation
  • Technology Support, and more
The resulting foundations allow innovation and knowledge to be recognized, protected, licensed, marketed, funded, acquired or otherwise consummated.

The Novum Institute is changing the way we think about and help innovation. Innovations will be selected for the Innovation Incubator based on unusually forward-thinking ideas that can pioneer and shape fields, make the world better, improve innovation, and improve people's lives.

Novum Institute Innovation Incubator current and historic projects include:

  • The Butterfly Equations, forthcoming book about how to find the surprises in every organization that can lead to success, or failure
  • International Vacuum Tube Museum
  • International Telescope Museum
  • Emergent Intelligence, multiple research & development projects
  • Intellectual Capital, research project, platform development project
  • Center for Advanced Theoretical Due Diligence
  • Institute for Standards Innovation
  • Due Diligence Industry, research & development, industry association, due diligence standards, professional certifications
  • Saving Third World Lives

The Novum Institute welcomes forward-looking individuals and organizations to Sponsor or Donate to the Innovation Incubator. Please email us.