We Are Creating Physical and Virtual Repositories of Innovation

The Novum Institute is creating a number of programs and resources to benefit innovation and knowledge seekers worldwide.

Novum Tools

The Novum Institute is building software tools and systems to advance knowledge and sustain innovation.

Novum Tools are designed to find new innovators and ideas, analyze those ideas, compare those ideas to historical and current innovations, research markets and other critical research, strategically plan and produce business plans, create organizational foundations, construct team systems, develop products / services, manufacture / produce products / services, market, sell, support customers.... in short, a total support system for innovators and innovations from ideas to implementation:
  • An Innovation Search Engine
  • An Innovation Social Networking Engine, a user-centric system with the ability to adapt to each of the popular social networking platforms
  • An Innovation Rating System that measures all the factors contributing to innovation and creates an Innovation Index for companies and countries to improve their abilities to achieve innovation
  • An Innovation Web Portal
  • A Knowledge Organization System that identifies the leading edges of knowledge

Novum Institute of Education

We are creating The Novum Institute of Education to develop and sponsor educational programs which support research and understanding of innovation and knowledge. These educational programs are being designed to:

  • Improve the quality of innovation and knowledge
  • Maximize the value and use of knowledge and innovation creation and utilization methods
  • Raise awareness of knowledge and innovation worldwide

The Novum Institute of Education’s offerings will include interactive guided learning programs, including Internet-based coursework, internships and seminars. We are also developing relationships with leading education organizations and universities to offer programs which support research and understanding of innovation and knowledge.

Museums of Innovation

We are building unique historical and real-time Museums of Innovation. The Museums' goals include collecting and displaying the history of innovation, and the advancement of knowledge, from the earliest primitive tools and ideas to the cutting edge of today. The Museums' programs include motivating all sources of innovation and knowledge to donate an example of each of their creations, such as the latest technology devices, to the newest ideas to improve society.

Libraries of Innovation

We are building both physical and virtual Libraries of Innovation. The Libraries' goals include collecting all known books and publications on innovation, historic and current. To maintain currency, we will motivate all publishing sources to donate publications on an ongoing basis. The Institute's Library Programs are a major component of our strategic thinking, and a significant portion of our annual budget will be dedicated to the advancement of libraries, library innovations, library knowledge, and library interactions with community, education, business, government and the non-profit sectors. The Institute plans on developing key relationships with important organizations such as the ALA, with major libraries, specialty libraries, and library services and support organizations. The Institute's physical plans include several separate library buildings on our campus, including several special collections, along with conference, seminar and exhibition facilities.

Novum Publishing

The provocative developments of new ideas and knowledge require an expansive variety of publications. We plan to create publications to cover such topics as applied innovation, pure innovation research, knowledge advancement, innovation education, innovation training, innovation improvement and the history of innovation.

The charter for Novum Publishing includes the publication of scientific, technical, business, general, and academic works on the subjects of knowledge and innovation and ancillary subject matter. The organization’s planned publications include books, a journal, a monthly magazine, edited collection volumes, monographs, proceedings of conferences, seminars and workshops, speeches, and papers.

Publications in Process

  • The Novum Innovation Journal is being created as a quarterly journal, publishing papers and articles that elucidate the foundations of knowledge and innovation, and also that correlate these foundations with real-world applications of knowledge and innovation. The first volume of The Novum Innovation Journal is planned for release in 2008.
  • The New Innovators magazine will publicize the latest innovators of our time. The first volume of The New Innovators monthly magazine is planned for release in 2008.
  • Novum Publishing Series Novum plans a variety of publications series, such as: applied innovation, pure innovation research, knowledge advancement, innovation education, innovation training, innovation improvement, and the history of innovation.

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