We Help Individuals and Organizations Bring Their Vision to Life and Live Their Dreams Through Innovation

The Novum Institute specializes in unimagined and unrealized opportunities. We assist without filters or parameters and by eliminating barriers to innovation and knowledge advancement.

We work with individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations and academic institutions.

We also bring disparate groups working on an issue together under one umbrella.

The two groups we primarily support are:
  • Innovators
  • Clients

Who We Help: Innovators

We Believe in Innovators and Strive to Enhance Their Status and Abilities

The Novum Institute’s programs are for innovative, growth-minded individuals and organizations. We want to find, honor and support innovators who are advancing the leading edge of innovation and knowledge and building the foundations for the next steps of our society’s evolution.

The support systems we offer innovators are designed to find and analyze new ideas; compare these ideas to historical and current innovations; research markets; plan strategically and create organizational foundations; and develop, produce, market and sell products and services. In short, we create a total support system for innovators and innovations from idea to implementation.

The support we provide to innovators includes:

  • New Company and New Idea Incubation
  • Product Development Support
  • Funding
  • Participation in Joint Research Projects
  • Mentoring and Advice
  • Intellectual Property Protection Education
  • Scholarships
  • Legal, Financial, Design, Writing, Accounting, Insurance, Advertising, Printing and Consulting Services
  • Computers and Software Equipment
  • Books and Publication Subscriptions

We are also planning to offer a residency program for innovators including housing and passenger vehicles, if needed.

To apply for a Novum Innovation Program or to recommend a leading knowledge champion or innovator for the program, please send us an email.

The Novum Institute’s Innovation programs are dedicated to finding, honoring and supporting today’s innovators, today's Merchants of Light*... those who advance the leading edges of knowledge and innovation, those who are building the foundations for the next steps of our society’s evolution.

Who We Help: Clients

We Help Executives Understand the True Innovative Capability of Organizations

The Novum Institute is a visionary partner with our clients. We help them build a culture of innovation, determine what resources are needed to innovate and create more profit through innovation.

We work only with individuals and organizations that:

  • Are highly professional and quality oriented
  • Demonstrate the prospect of a highly successful outcome
  • Will have a significant and long lasting benefit to participants and humankind
  • Present innovative treatments of specific opportunities
  • May stimulate cooperative efforts in various sectors of the world's community
  • Are relevant to our mission and concerns

We evaluate each prospective client organization to determine its business, technological and financial stability, strength of the principals' commitment and character, qualifications of management and staff, clarity of purpose and history of success. The prospective client should reveal plans to achieve success within a reasonable time period.

We welcome inquiries from prospective clients. We have two stages for evaluating requests. First, you submit initial information on the proposed project. If you meet our criteria and program emphasis, you will be invited to submit a formal proposal. New client decisions are determined after a thorough due diligence process which can take several months.

To learn more about how we can help you, please send us an email.

* About The Merchants of Light

Sir Francis Bacon created a vision of the world called ‘The New Atlantis’ which he wrote in 1626. Bacon's vision of the world was based on a simple premise, knowledge, as the basis of the world, will continuously improve society. Every member of the New Atlantean society works for “the noblest foundation that ever was upon the earth.” “The end of our foundation…  is the knowledge of causes and the secret motion of things; and the enlarging of the bounds of human empire, to the effecting of all things possible” ... Knowledge, and The Advancement of Knowledge

Each Atlantean had a specific job:

  • The Depredators, collecting “the experiments which are in all books"
  • The Mystery-Men, collecting “the experiments of all mechanical arts, and also of liberal sciences”
  • The Pioneers or Miners, those “that try new experiments”
  • The Compilers, “that draw the experiments into titles and tables, to give the better light for the drawing of observations and axioms out of them”
  • The Dowry-Men or Benefactors, “that bend themselves, looking into the experiments of their fellows, and cast about how to draw out of them things of use and practice for man's life and knowledge, as well for works as for plain demonstration of causes, means of natural divinations, and the easy and clear discovery of the virtues and parts of bodies”
  • The Lamps, who “direct new experiments, of a higher light, more penetrating into nature”
  • The Inoculators, “that do execute the experiments so directed, and report them
  • The Interpreters of Nature, “that raise the former discoveries by experiments into greater observations, axioms, and aphorisms”
  • The Merchants of Light, who “sail into foreign countries… who bring us the books and abstracts, and patterns of experiments of all other parts” … those who seek new knowledge

To learn more about how we are helping to advance knowledge through innovation, please send us an email.