Novum Institute Worldwide

The Novum Institute’s worldwide expansion program includes building Institutes in appropriate cities and countries, not only in existing centers of knowledge and innovation, but also in those locations needing the spark that a Novum Institute brings to galvanize citizens, academia, business and government in the region. Already, discussions have begun about building local Novum Institutes in several countries and cities.


The design for each Novum Institute team includes a core group senior team, President, Executive Vice President, Director of Operations, Director of Administration, and similar titles. These are the people who will have overall responsibility for running each Institute. Each Institute's core group team will have ongoing oversight of the various operations, hiring and working closely withe the separate and focused teams reporting to them.

Each local Novum Institute will be part of the world-wide Novum Institutes. The President of each Novum Institute in each city or country will also be appointed to the Novum Institute World Executive Committee, responsible for oversight and coordination of the Institutes worldwide.

Activities among the Institutes will be seamlessly integrated worldwide, such as the core Education coursework and virtual university, where each local Novum Institute will have focused Education coursework and programs unique to the region. Other integrated operations include the Library, the Museum, and of course the Innovation Support Programs, with typically the largest budget. Each local Novum Institute will have a physical library, which will be part of the overall library system, and will support the virtual library as well. Similarly, Each local Novum Institute will have a museum with the innovations and ideas from each local region, and will also be interactive virtually with all the other museums. The Innovation Support Programs work from a core system, which will then be adapted and augmented appropriately for the environment of each local Novum Institute.

Novum Institute Central will provide coordinated administration and support services, such as coordinated strategic planning for each local Novum Institute.


Novum Institute Central will also work with each local Novum Institute development team to review the current regulations and requirements for non-profits in their city and country. Each local Novum Institute will always be in accord with all the laws and best practices expected of non-profits in each city and country.


To inquire how you can develop a Novum Institute in your city or country, please email worldprogram (at) novuminstitute (dot) org.