Novum Institute Funding Programs


The Institute’s annual funding requirements total a minimum of $100 million to support the Institute's programs. All contributions help support our mission, the advancement of knowledge and innovation. Different programs available to help The Novum Institute include:

  • Cash Donations. Invest in the advancement of knowledge and innovation, the fundamentally most important resources for society. Both individuals and companies may donate to The Novum Institute. Donations are tax-deductible according to your local laws, and may be made via check, wire, and credit card.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Program. Show your stakeholders that your organization is investing in the future while receiving valuable tax deductions. Employees receive discounts on educational programs, Institute events, and invitations for one annual private tour. Your firm’s website will display the Institute’s logo and link, and your firm’s logo and link will be displayed on the Institute’s website. Your firm will be profiled in the Institute’s Newsletter and annual report. Your firm can schedule preeminent events co-sponsored with the Institute. The Corporate Social Responsibility Program improves your firm’s brand and image while showing your leadership in social responsibility and involvement with the Institute.
  • Honor Program. Recognize and honor a special person, and the Institute will place a plaque with that person’s name in a special place within the Institute and will also show the honored person in the Institute’s newsletter and annual report.

    Memorial Program. Set a tribute for a person for whom you want a lasting memorial to be given, and the Institute will place a plaque with that person’s name in a special place within the Institute and will also show your memorial in the Institute’s newsletter and annual report.

  • Joint Research Programs. Research is a critical requirement to advance knowledge and innovation. Each year, we select a few organizations to cooperate with us in joint research in a variety of disciplines. If your organization is performing leading-edge research, please contact us about our Joint Research Programs at jointresearch (at) novuminstitute (dot) com

  • Education Fund. You may specify your donation directly for the Education Fund which will help fund various education programs, especially scholarships.
  • Joint Education Programs. Education is another requirement critical to the advancement of knowledge and innovation. If your educational institution has coursework focused on topics within our mission area, please contact us about our Joint Education Programs at jointeducat

    ion (at) novuminstitute (dot) com.

  • Sponsorship Programs

  • Planned Gift Programs

Cash donations should be made by check, payable to “Novum Institute" and mailed to:

Novum Institute

1153 Bergen Parkway, Ste M271

Evergreen CO 80439 US



Individuals and companies may also donate real property, equipment, materials, vehicles, products and/or services, also known as donations-in-kind or in-kind-donations, in addition to cash in order to benefit the Institute in a number of priority areas:

Real Estate

  • Major Commercial Building Complex or Buildings: The Novum Institute seeks a large commercial building complex, co-located commercial buildings, or multiple single commercial buildings, and also warehouse space, all totaling at least 100,000 sq. ft., located in the geographic region approximately from the West side of Denver through the Foothills region along the I-70 corridor to Evergreen, Colorado for use as support Center, conference, education and research facilities for the Novum Institute.
  • Homes that can be used to house recipients of the Merchants of Light Residency Program and their families. At least 36 homes are needed for the period September 2007 through September 2008.

  • Additional commercial or residential buildings are sought in the region ranging from the West side of Denver through the central Colorado Rocky Mountain region for use as conference, educational and other facilities.

  • Farmland and undeveloped land can also be considered.


Equipment, Vehicles, and Other In-Kind Donations

  • Computer hardware, including late-model laptops, desktops, servers, workstations, monitors, data archival, backup and storage systems, routers, firewalls, VPN, network equipment, wired & wireless, printers (BW, color, network, high-speed), UPS equipment, scanners and all types of ancillary equipment. High-performance computers especially needed… email computers (at) novuminstitute (dot) org for the latest computer hardware list.
  • 1,000 Computer systems, with software included, late model
  • Computer software, must be unused or with freely- transferrable licenses, for desktops, workstations, servers and high- performance computing, office software, office suites, office automation, complete Microsoft office suites, complete Adobe suites, scientific software, business software, operating systems (Windows, Linux), antivirus, firewall, antispyware, graphics software, developer tools, educational software, networking software… email software (at) novuminstitute (dot) org for the latest computer software list.

  • Cars, SUVs and pickups for people transportation. At least 30 vehicles are needed for the period September 2007 through June 2008.

  • Service Vehicles: Utility pickup trucks, light, medium and heavy duty trucks. At least 6 vehicles are needed.

  • Artwork Printing Design Services, Print and Web

  • Advertising

  • Public Relations Services

  • Writing Services

  • Legal Services

  • Accounting Services

  • Insurance Services

  • Travel Package Tours

  • Business Consulting Services

  • Technical Consulting Services

  • Tools and Equipment to outfit shops for metal-, wood- and plastic-work

  • Chemical and Biological Apparatus to outfit several scientific laboratories

  • Electronic and Electrical Equipment to outfit several laboratories

  • Mechanical Equipment to outfit several mechanical laboratories

  • Telephones and telephone systems

  • Library Equipment

  • Museum Equipment

  • Books, including Current, Scientific and Technical, Industry-Specific

  • Cafeteria Equipment

  • Furniture: all types of Office, Laboratory, and Educational

  • Office machines and equipment, including Copiers, Postage equipment, Mailing equipment

  • Book printing and binding equipment

  • Photographic Lab, Still Cameras, Lighting equipment, Processing Equipment, Digital Processing Computer Hardware and Software, Formats: digital, high-end digital, 35 mm, 2 1/4 sq, 4x5, 8x10

  • Video Lab, Video Cameras, including high-end,Lighting equipment, Processing Equipment, Digital Processing Computer Hardware and Software

  • Household Furniture, Appliances and Other Household Needs, for Housing for Innovators in Residence Program

  • Wide Variety of Supplies and Materials

Equipment should be high-quality, new or lightly-used equipment. If an item is not on this list and you think it might be useful for us, please email equipment (at) novuminstitute (dot) org.

Real Property Donations

The Novum Institute can accept donations and liquidation of real property assets from all 50 States of many kinds, title and deed, remodel and restore properties (if needed), bring into compliance with local municipal codes, appraise and utilize your fits to maximize the benefit to charity. Donations can be accepted of:

  • Cars
  • Boats
  • Computers
  • Collectibles
  • Vehicles
  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Timeshares
  • Industrial Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Hotel
  • Residential Property
  • Multi-Family Property
  • Commercial Property
  • Vacant-Land Property
  • Mixed-Use Property
  • Building Lot Property
  • Land
  • Land Contracts


To discuss your donations of real property,
please email donations (at) novuminstitute (dot) org




The Novum Institute will acknowledge all donations we receive via mail to the donors. If services, real property, vehicles, equipment, materials or other in-kind donations are made, we will include a description of the in-kind donations and a date of receipt confirmation.


The Novum Institute reserves the right to review, accept or decline all donations prior to acceptance. Once donations are accepted and received, the Institute becomes the owner of all such donations, and has all rights to determine any donation’s application, use, retention, disposal, maintenance, and location.


In-Kind Donations


If you would like to make in-kind donations, please provide as much information as possible on the property, vehicle, equipment, material, supplies or other in-kind donations. At minimum, it is very helpful to us for you to include information on the manufacturer, date of manufacture, quantities, location, condition of the in-kind donation, information on any special requirements such as other equipment or materials necessary to utilize the donation, weight, dimensions, and special shipping requirements. Normally, the Institute cannot accept any limitations on in-kind donations. Normally, donors are expected to cover any costs of the donations.


Please do not include any information regarding the fair market value of any in-kind donations. Due to non-profit laws and regulations, we cannot provide any fair market valuations of any in-kind donations, nor can we recognize, accept, or acknowledge any fair market value statements of any in-kind donations. Donors should have their own appraisals done on donations prior to transferring donations to the Institute, and donors are responsible for any and all appraisals.


If you have questions, please email the Donations Office, donations (at) novuminstitute (dot) org.