Novum Publishing

The Language of Knowledge and Innovation



The provocative developments of new ideas and knowledge require an expansive variety of publications.


The charter for Novum Publishing includes the publication of scientific, technical, business, general, and academic works on the subjects of knowledge and innovation and ancillary subject matter. The organization’s planned publications include books, a journal, a monthly magazine, edited collection volumes, monographs, proceedings of conferences, seminars and workshops, speeches, and papers.


Publications in Process


The Novum Innovation Journal


The Novum Innovation Journal is being created as a quarterly journal, publishing papers and articles that elucidate the foundations of knowledge and innovation, and also that correlate these foundations with real-world applications of knowledge and innovation. The first volume of The Novum Innovation Journal is planned for release in the First Quarter of 2008.


The New Innovators


The New Innovations magazine will publicize the latest innovations and innovators of our time. The first volume of The New Innovators monthly magazine is planned for release in early 2008.


Novum Publishing Series


Novum plans a variety of publications series, such as: applied innovation, pure innovation research, knowledge advancement, innovation education, innovation training, innovation improvement, and the history of innovation.


To contribute to Novum Publishing, contact publications (at) novuminstitute (dot) org.