The Institute for Standards Innovation

The Institute for Standards Innovation performs original research in the science of standards, maintains ongoing basic research and applied research programs for standards, best practices and guidelines, and provides licensing and support programs for innovative standards organizations.

Producing higher economic growth than patents and licenses, standards benefit civilization significantly at both the short and long term strategic level, with advantages in competitive position, agility, innovation, and profitability. Standards are a critical part of any endeavor. Standards are around us everywhere: the number system, weights and measurements, the monetary system, cellular phones, nuts & bolts, telephones, language, and world trade.

Standards are tools that can continually improve the quality, consistency, effectiveness and efficiency of processes, procedures and decisions in every part of society.

The Institute for Standards Innovation works from the foundation science of Emergent IntelligenceTM to specifically research, develop and incubate standards that are precise, optimum and practical policies and procedures emphasizing core principles.

The Institute for Standards Innovation performed a multi-year research project on existing standards, best practices and guidelines in the professional services sector. No professional services standards were found, and only limited professional services best practices or guidelines and the Institute expanded the research to understand, develop and incubate professional services standards. The project was successful, and the Institute is currently designing licensing programs to initiate discussions with appropriate world-level organizations.